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Atheist in Theory is Earth To Eve’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Earth To Eve in the past but she is back with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Atheist in Theory is Earth To Eve’s Single

This artist is very creative and always finds interesting twists in the stories she tells us through her songs.

In this case, she makes us understand how certain behaviors are just automatic because we have seen others do them … but are they really ours?

Human instinct seeks the comfort zone by walking on paths already traveled by others previously. But if only we could stop and question ourselves about what we truly think maybe things would be different.

Earth to Eve makes us think about this and that’s why her songs are always inspiring.

Atheist in Theory is an introspective and ingenious song that reveals the depth of this artist’s soul.

There are many artists who make good songs but have nothing to say. Earth to Eve not only composes beautiful melodies but seasons them with high-quality lyrics.

Atheist in Theory is Earth To Eve’s Single Out Now!

Maure and Deep!

Atheist in Theory is Earth To Eve’s Single

The lyrics and melody of this song came to me in totality while I was in the shower. I ran out soaking wet, picked up my piano, and found exactly what I was hearing. A couple of hours prior, I had found out that a family member was in an emergency situation and I had gotten on my hands and knees to pray. After a few moments, I realized I didn’t believe in anything and stood back up; I was confused by my instinctual reaction to pray. Thus ‘Atheist in theory’ was born.

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