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Atlantis is Andras Atlason’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Andras Atlason and his Album Atlantis.

Atlantis is Andras Atlason’s Album

The music conceived by this artist is something unique and difficult to label.

We are certainly dealing with a musician with a great musical culture and experience behind him. The attention to every detail is maniacal and the chord progression of his songs is never predictable and banal.

The vocal timbre is fascinating and immediately recognizable. A warm voice that hides ancestral vibrations.

In my opinion, Andras Atlason has managed to do something incredible and has succeeded in uniting two distant cultures…that of Brazil and that of the Faroe Islands and making them meet at sunset. When the light kisses the darkness and that eternal limbo is created between night and day.

This music contains nuances that reconcile the beaches of Rio, especially in the intricate melodic lines of the guitars, strings and the vocal melodies instead remind us of the green and gray colors of the Faroe Islands.

I was really fascinated by this music, Atlantis is a unique album. All the songs are solid and above all the album follows a coherent thread that makes it a fantastic musical work.

A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.

Atlantis is Andras Atlason’s Album Out Now!

Innovative and Unique!

Atlantis is Andras Atlason’s Album

Andras Atlason, a Brazilian musician of Faroese origin, has just released his album “Atlantis”, via TUTL Records, on Thursday, the 13th of October.
Andras Atlason’s 2022 record “Atlantis” is a 12-track release inviting music, lithography and literature into an inter-civilizational dialogue between the Nordic and the Portuguese-speaking worlds. Half of the songs are based upon Nordic-language poems and half are based upon Portuguese-language poems, reflecting Atlason’s own split identity between his Faroese father and his Brazilian mother – both classical violinists.

A son of two violinists, Andras Atlason has lived his teenage years drenched in rock and metal music at the same time in which he conducted a private classical piano education — which would later be further complemented by composition and harmony lessons with the France-based Canadian composer Samuel Andreyev and the Brazilian conductor Osvaldo Colarusso.

Forged at the border between the universe of concert music and popular music — from the joys of Brazilian tropicália to the melancholy of the Scandinavian extreme music scene — Atlason has also equipped himself with a deep interest for ethnomusicology to build his own particular vision of music and its relation to human identity.

As a composer and music producer, his independent work has reached over 20 artists in 9 different countries. His creative work throughout the 2010s has given birth to Ut (2011), a solo piano album, as well as an EP (2013) and Shogyoumujou (2016), a full-length album with prog rock duo Da Zai.

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