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Avocado Disco is Unfortunately Steven’s Album Out Now | E.A.Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Unfortunately Steven and his Album Avocado Disco. I found this Artist on Spotify and I was intrigued by the uniqueness of his musical vision.

Avocado Disco is Unfortunately Steven’s Album Out Now | E.A.Poets

This artist is one of a kind.

It’s as if Salvador Dalí, Beck, and Mika met and decided to make music together.

I deliberately mentioned a painter because this music is rich in colors. Then Unfortunately Steven‘s mustache reminded me of that of the great Spanish painter.

Avocado Disco gave me a moment of happiness and for a moment I forget about everyday problems.
The production and performance are great.

This music made me fly with my imagination. I found myself in a crowded bar in Caracas where renegade sailors gathered to drink rum. In the background, this artist was entertaining them and slowly was able to capture their attention and the night became a party.

Honestly, I was very impressed with this music. Avocado Disco is a fantastic album and I recommend it to everyone.

Avocado Disco is Unfortunately Steven’s Album Out Now!

Unqiue and Fascinating!

Avocado Disco is Unfortunately Steven’s Album Out Now | E.A.Poets

Los Angeles-based Experimental Indie Rock Singer Songwriter Unfortunately Steven is a man with a mission on expansive new concept album “Groovy Avocado Disco”. Lead single “Life’s Too Expensive For Me” is out April 1, 2022. Unfortunately Steven is the musical alias for multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist Steven Ramirez, who hopes this unique release inspires people to seek therapy. The album’s title, Groovy Avocado Disco, is an acronym for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

The concept of the album is a full therapy session from start to finish. From walking into the session a human balloon filled with crippling anxiety and depression, to leaving deflated and ready to take on the week. The album begins by walking into therapy, sitting down, and spilling the daily truth. The therapist guides the listener through these thoughts and grounds them through mindfulness. The album tackles the human condition, depression, drugs, addiction, capitalism and personal issues related to my father. As the album is experienced, the songs begin to empty and become more real, meaning that the listener, or myself, is expressing these heavy feelings and then becoming lighter by being honest with oneself.” – Steven Ramirez

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