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Babylonian Dragon is Robbie Rapids’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I had already understood that this artist was the real deal a long time ago.

This time, he presents himself with a video that looks like a movie.

An intriguing video that tells an imaginary story that can also happen in real life. That’s why it’s always better to keep your eyes open…especially when we are enchanted by female beauty and lose control.

The rhythm of the song is infectious and the melody of the chorus reminded me of Alice Cooper in some moments.

The dark and thriller atmosphere of the video and the track convinced me a lot.

The collaboration between Robbie Rapids, David Levene, and David Ignacio in the making of the video was successful. It seems to me that there was a good understanding and that the artist’s vision was also respected on a visual level.

This artist creates beautiful music and videos and deserves to be rewarded for his efforts.

Babylonian Dragon is Robbie Rapids’ Single Out Now!

Pure Rock!

Babylonian Dragon is Robbie Rapids’ Single

“Babylonian Dragon” is a nightmare/fantasy about meeting a woman online, getting hypnotized/drugged, and ending up handcuffed in an unknown location. All fun and games until realizing you are being held ransom & must transfer a large sum of money. You have heard of playing with fire, this is playing with the Babylonian Dragon!

The song is a dark lesson in love, it’s full of snake charming melodies, Alice in Chains type of riffs, and vocal warnings to stay away from this woman.

Robbie hired a videographer to film to the story line of the song and David Levene & Robbie helped with the script. David Ignacio completed the vision of the song and made the video come to life.

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