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Bad Ass Beauty’s Single 4 Horsemen is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bad Ass Beauty is releasing a new cool single 4 Horsemen and this is what I think about it.

Bad Ass Beauty’s Single 4 Horsemen is Out Now

This Song Hits You With An Incredible Amount of Energy and Demonstrates The Free Spirit of this Great Artist.

Bad Ass Beauty spits the truth on you, without strings attached. She is not here to please anyone this is an intimate outburst.

This artist uses music in a therapeutic way to solve her problems…I don’t think there is a better medicine than rock.

The song is crazy, and intriguing and this contagious energy manages to inspire the listener.

During your life every now and then you have to take “the bull for the horns” and collide with reality without hiding behind false ideas and dreams.

Only by doing so you can grow and improve. Life must be addressed with determination and courage and above all, you must never be afraid to show yourself for what you really are.

Bad Ass Beauty teaches us all this through this fantastic rock song.

Bad Ass Beauty’s Single 4 Horsemen is Out Now!

Wild and Free!

Bad Ass Beauty’s Single 4 Horsemen is Out Now

Putting it bluntly I disassociate to “deal” with this crazy fucking life! This is a song introducing these 4 different personalities to the world. Writing and recording this song was a completely cathartic experience as it was the 1st time I was actually able to admit out loud and acknowledge this was how I chose to deal with trauma and stop pretending I’m ok. It’s been a deeply spiritual and transformative experience.

LaQuinta Prince (a.k.a. Bad Ass Beauty) is a powerful R&B vocalist stretching her skills in the genre of rock. Educated at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, her musical influences span from Led Zeppelin to Chaka Khan, Beyonce to In This Moment. Prince is well on her way to turning the rock genre on its ear, by blending the two styles, in order to push Hard Rock/Soul into the mainstream.

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