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Bad Dream is Vandal of Hearts’ Album Out Now | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Vandal of Hearts and his debut album Bad Dream. I found this artist on Spotify and his music fascinated me a lot.

Bad Dream is Vandal of Hearts’ Album Out Now | Edgar Allan Poets

This artist offers very intriguing music.

A compositional method that has many inspirations. James St. Thomas probably has a great musical knowledge behind him.

The harmonic richness and the innovative approach bring this sound into a limbo of its own. Enigmatic and hypnotic music that manages to make you fly with your imagination.

I really enjoyed the guitar solos. I felt the passion that Vandal of Hearts puts into composing and interpreting his songs.

If I had to compare this artist to someone, at times it reminded me of David Bowie. Bad Dream is a coherent work where all the songs are solid. The single Blissy stands out for its nostalgic melody and the syncopated rhythm which makes it very refined.

An artist to keep under the radar as he follows a unique musical path.

Bad Dream is Vandal of Hearts’ Album Out Now!


Bad Dream is Vandal of Hearts’ Album Out Now | Edgar Allan Poets


James St. Thomas is the British singer, songwriter and musician behind the musical project Vandal of Hearts, for which he writes, performs and records the music.

Heavily influenced by the philosophy of 60s rock, St. Thomas consciously approaches his music as an art form. This is to say that he aims to achieve a plurality of sounds by combining canonical rock guitar techniques with elements of jazz and classical music, as well as incorporating techniques from other styles of guitar from around the world.

Having been lucky enough to know people from many walks of life and many different parts of the world, his music reflects the irresolvable contradiction between ideal and action.

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