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Bad Dreams is Telling Secrets’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Telling Secrets and his Single Bad Dreams.

Bad Dreams is Telling Secrets’ Single

This artist shows a truly surprising compositional maturity. His songs sound professional and they could definitely be on the top 100 Billboard.

The compositional style is modern and powerful and reflects today’s music. The vocal interpretation is convincing and the musical part pushes consistently.

We are certainly dealing with an artist with a great deal of experience behind him. Telling Secrets is a project to keep under the radar as it produces quality music.

The chord progression is never predictable and banal and manages to entertain the listener from the first to the last second.

I particularly appreciated the melody of the chorus and the continuous changes of rhythm that this song offers.

Bad Dreams is Telling Secrets’ Single Out Now!


Bad Dreams is Telling Secrets’ Single

Vik Kovacs, The sole architect of Telling Secrets is the product of Eastern European blood and a British upbringing. In 2021, Kovacs teamed with Rain City Drive vocalist, Matt McAndrew, who guided him to kick start the project. Zack Baker, of Rain City Drive, performed on and mixed the tracks “Secret Lies ”, “Casting Stones” and “The Fall” which comprise a visual trilogy.

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Kovacs has been recording deep into the early morning hours at Canton House Studios owned by 15-time Grammy Award winning producer Jaycen Joshua. In the summer of 2022 Telling Secrets released singles “Bad Dreams” and “Lullaby” with a third release coming this Halloween. VK is also planning to take the band to the United Kingdom to debut on the other side of the pond in 2023.

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