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Balloons For My Funeral is Xavier Bernazard’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Xavier Bernazard is entertaining us with a full album… are you ready for the experience?

Balloons For My Funeral is Xavier Bernazard’s Album

This album is a mature and solid work.

I have listened to these songs several times to understand the global vision of this talented artist. The research for pure and true emotions is undeniable.

Xavier Bernazard is not here to seek success but he creates music to express his deepest emotions and hopes that his songs will help and comfort other people around the world. In fact, he sings not only in English but there is also a tune in Spanish titled “De Mi”.

The atmospheres created by the various songs describe the emotions that each of us feels in the course of our life.

Moments of nostalgia and sadness are interspersed with moments of rebirth, revenge, and joy.

That’s why I recommend listening to Balloons For My Funeral from the first to the last song in order to understand the musical journey that this artist wants to make … only by doing so, you can fully appreciate his musical vision.

Balloons For My Funeral is Xavier Bernazard’s Album Out Now!

Solid Work!

Balloons For My Funeral is Xavier Bernazard’s Album

Balloons For My Funeral is the debut album of Xavier Bernazard & The Deadly Beloved. It is a queer alt-rock record that tackles themes such as mortality, angst, healing, nostalgia, perseverance, & the hardships of life. It marks the end of a season of life.

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