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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – WD-HAN

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to WD-HAN. We discovered this amazing band while surfing around the ocean of the internet and we landed on the shores of this “good vibes” WD-HAN island.

The sound of this band is very blues. The scratchy voice leaves indelible marks on the back like nails on your skin. The guitars go from being aggressive to melodic and sweet and the catchy melodies are easy to remember and resonate in your head continuously.

Good musicians and excellent production, music that we recommend for lovers of rock/blues… the real one!

Work For It is WD-HAN’s new single out now. A beautiful rock song, direct, intense and effective. When you listen to it, you would like to have a beer and a cigarette in your hands and enjoy the show.
To tell you the truth I can do this even now and so I will play the song again and this time I will enjoy it while sipping something alcoholic.

Rock in the right direction, real music for real people!


This Tens of thousands of teen-age bands form every year in America. How many are still around over ten years later? A hundred? How about with the original members, actively playing and recording? Maybe ten?

WD-HAN beat the odds, and is still beating them.

What magic of music, what harmony of life has energized this triad since 2008? A simple, powerful purpose woven through everything they do: through music they can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Lead singer Spencer Barnes, guitarist Cal Henry, and percussionist Lea Barnes, along with the band’s manager Marjorye Henry (yes, two married couples), have studied, practiced and learned for years how to wrap their music around listeners’ best inner selves, making it safe for people to reach out to a better life. WD-HAN works in musical styles of emotional depth, mixing blues and rock and ballads with whatever accents are needed to drive the message home.

WD-HAN has played at hundreds of local venues, many major music festivals, appeared on Daytime America twice, toured Taiwan three times, and recorded four albums or EPs. Now, in 2020, this is their year, this is their decade. Releasing new songs every 4-6 weeks, touring, and appearing in more festivals, they are inviting you along for the ride.

Music is also the vehicle these energetic music-meisters use to focus their intentions for a better world where life can flourish. They play many benefits for anti-drug groups and pro–human-rights groups. They have supported orphanages in Ghana and Haiti and charities like the American Cancer Society. They measure their success in people helped.

WD-HAN is no fly-by-night band; they are the future of music in America, fulfilling the very purpose of music: to raise people to the heights of livingness where they belong.


Find WD-HAN Here:


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