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Basement Stadium is Darrian Gerard’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
what to say… when an artist is on a mission the only thing we can do is applaud and see the progress of her musical journey.

Basement Stadium is Darrian Gerard’s Ep Out Now

Darrian Gerard does not stop for a moment.

As we know today’s competition is fierce as at least 60,000 songs are released on Spotify every day. You have to work hard to get noticed. That’s why only a few make it.

You immediately realize when you are facing a determined artist, and Darrian Gerard is one of them.

Today I listened to her new Ep Basement Stadium and I appreciated the production which is now at the level of mainstream projects.

Since the last single, I noticed that plays on Spotify have grown. This Ep is another step towards the dream.

This artist isn’t afraid to work her way up and the results are proving her right.

I really liked that this Ep contains different aspects of her personality. More energetic moments leave room for more introspective tunes.

All the songs are great so give them a listen, you will be enchanted by the music of Darrian Gerard.

Basement Stadium is Darrian Gerard’s Ep Out Now!

Superb and Energetic!

Basement Stadium is Darrian Gerard’s Ep Out Now

Basement Stadium is an alternative, pop-rock EP inspired by the ups and downs of one’s life and the yearning to go somewhere new and become who you really want to be; who you are meant to be. The “Basement” part of the name comes from the fact that all of these songs were written, recorded, and produced in Darrian Gerard’s basement.

The “Stadium” is an allusion to her stage, for the time being. The basement is Darrian Gerard’s stadium for now, but with time and perseverance, she plans to be performing the contents of her EP for all to hear in all corners of the world. Basement Stadium’s sound is inspired by Avril Lavigne’s “Under My Skin”, Halsey’s “If I can’t Have Love, I Want Power”, and blink-182’s Untitled album. Holding 5 tracks, the songs represent certain struggles, vulnerable moments, and positive attitudes towards growing. “Explosion” starts the EP with a grand entrance and stubborn attitude, while “Everybody’s Mad At Me” slows things down and tugs at the heart strings of those who can relate.

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