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Beaver Deceiver is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
another tune from a Duo on a mission.

Beaver Deceiver is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Single

The Compositional refinement is reconfirmed already from the first seconds and if possible the level has risen even more.

Analyzing the sounds, you realize that a great deal of research has been done to find such an original sound blend.

Especially at first listening, the music of The Cookie Jar Complot is a very intriguing experience. You never know what might happen next.

These guys play with your emotions, they are the puppeteers of your soul. You feel like you’re on a high-speed train… looking out the window you see the landscape change but you’re always on the same train.

This is the great compositional coherence of this duo, always surprising you with courageous harmonic choices but never making you lose direction. The musical experience remains consistent from start to finish.

Beaver Deceiver is a song that defining Prog Rock is an understatement. The Cookie Jar Complot has created its own style that is not comparable with anyone else.

Beaver Deceiver is The Cookie Jar Complot‘s Single Out Now!


Beaver Deceiver is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Single

Beaver Deceiver marks a fresh start for The Cookie Jar Complot, bringing their signature sound to the forefront with driving drum grooves, intricate guitar riffs, and a bassline that will make your feet move. As the track progresses, listeners are taken on an auditory voyage, from moments of serene introspection to explosive choruses that can’t help but beg to be sung along to. Whether you’re a young listener looking to embark upon a new journey, or an older fan looking to revisit a familiar sound, Beaver Deceiver is a track that will please all ages.

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