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Beetlejuice 2 May Finally Be Underway

For years there have been rumors of a sequel to the legendary film Beetlejuice, but now these rumors seem a little more real and this sequel is slowly taking shape. We are here with our fingers crossed and we finally hope to be able to see the new adventures of these grotesque characters.

This is what Tim Burton said…

It was April 1, 1988 when Beetlejuice made its debut in US cinemas. The director was a certain Tim Burton, a newcomer who, after the excellent result of his first feature film, Pee-wee Big’s Adventure (1985), had ended up in the radars of the big production companies, who considered him “bankable” and able to generate good profits at the box office. And in fact, the film took home over $ 73 million at a cost of $ 13, making it the tenth highest-grossing of that year.

But Beetlejuice wasn’t just a commercial success. Critically praised and awarded with the Oscar for Best Makeup in 1989, it has won over generation after generation of spectators and has become a true cult.

For years there have been rumors about a Beetlejuice 2 and the cast and Tim Burton seem to agree to resurrect this cult movie.

This is what Winona Ryder said in 2015…

We ask all the fans of the film to keep hope alive because in our opinion this long-awaited sequel will soon come to life.

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