Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Before the Days Of Trouble Come is Student Film's Album
Before the Days Of Trouble Come is Student Film’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Band is Student Film and their Album Before the Days Of Trouble Come.

Before the Days Of Trouble Come is Student Film’s Album

I was very impressed with the sound of this band. You immediately realize that we are faced with musicians and producers with a great compositional experience behind them.

The attention to every detail is obsessive and the harmonic progression is fascinating. All the songs on Before the Days Of Trouble Come are solid and intense.

Nostalgic and dreamy melodies at times paranoid seem to speak directly to the subconscious of the listener who remains hypnotized from the first to the last second.

Student Films like to experiment and these guys don’t follow any commercial rules to compose their music but they just follow the instinct that leads them to compose innovative music that makes them stand out from the crowd.

A fantastic discovery that I recommend everyone to listen to.

Before the Days Of Trouble Come is Student Film’s Album Out Now!


Before the Days Of Trouble Come is Student Film’s Album

Student Film is a longtime staple of the Oklahoma rock music scene. Fronted by creator Justin Rice, the band has worked to truly make a name for themselves over the past two decades.
Student Film are known for their rocking and meticulous live shows, and their quirky and catchy records with thought-provoking vocals.
Student Film tirelessly writes, records, and experiments with new techniques and sounds to bring you into their extraordinary universe of earworm vocals, psychedelic soundscapes, calculated drums, driving- sometimes airy- guitar riffs, tasty synth licks, and almost binaural beats that keep you loating off the edge of your seat with every listen.
This record starts you with your feet on the ground and with every carefully placed note and drum hit you take off further and further. Surrounded by their intoxicating psychedelic atmosphere, you can’t help but find melodies and lyrics too catchy not to sing along to.

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