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Before The Suit is The Uglysuit’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Band is The Uglysuit and their Album Before The Suit.

Before The Suit is The Uglysuit’s Album

We are faced with a fantastic band.

As soon as I pressed the play button, I immediately realized that I was dealing with musicians with great compositional experience behind them.

The harmonic construction and chord progression are very well thought out.

Although these songs were conceived a long time ago with this new remastering they sound modern.

I’m honestly very happy that The Uglysuit has decided to release this album to give new life to these songs. We would have missed some beautiful tunes.

The rock of this band is refined and intense, songs that somehow speak to the listener’s soul but which at the same time do not disdain to be energetic, winking at a way of composing music from the 90s.

The production is impeccable and the performance is flawless.

A band that I hope will continue to make music as The Uglysuit produces quality music.

Before The Suit is The Uglysuit’s Album Out Now!

Solid and Mature!

Before The Suit is The Uglysuit’s Album

Oklahoma City doesn’t really come to mind as a hotbed of indie rock. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t though. The city has seen its fair share of great indie bands in the last 20 years. None more so than The Uglysuit. The OKC sextet found success nationally in the late ’00s releasing two albums (“S/T” and “Awwww Shucks”) and touring the country several times. A couple of their songs made their way onto network TV via Gossip Girl and The Office. They even found themselves in the Great White North for a bit. As the decade closed out The Uglysuit quietly broke up but left their fingerprints all over the OKC music scene.

Where are they now? Bassist Kyle Mayfield joined rock outfit Junebug Spade, touring the world and releasing two records with them. When the band called it quits after ten years, Mayfield started Outpost 31 Studios, a multi-genre music collective, which has released some of his own projects next to an international roster. Guitarist Dustin Maynord and Mayfield joined forces again in the Americana/Rock/Experimental outfit, Willow Way. Drummer Crosby Bray continued to put out new music ranging from shoegaze to electronic to reggae (Sonic Surfer, Spacetoast, Board Game Closet, Sunshine Harbor). Keyboardist Jonny Martin went on to start up Mannachine. Singer/guitarist Israel Hindman started the band TreeGiants and has found success with their releases.

Guitarist Colin Bray traded music for carpentry.

A lot of people know The Uglysuit and the various musical projects that followed. What a lot of people don’t know is that there was a band before this that started it all…Corban Eldra. Corban Eldra released three albums independently from 2002-2006. The first was the raw “Restful Insomnia” followed up by the more melodic “Kenai.” Following “Kenai,” the band’s sound began to evolve. Tracked as part of Maynord’s recording school thesis, their final album “The Midwest” was released in 2006.

The band had evolved into more of a heavy indie rock band. There was something special about it. It should have been huge. It doesn’t always happen though. The band would pack it up as life happened. The Uglysuit originally started out as the folky side-project of Corban Eldra. With the Corban Eldra era coming to an end, The Uglysuit era officially began.

“The Midwest” was lost in the shuffle. It faded like a shooting star. After its release, the album was never seen again. It’s delightful to find that while listening to these songs 15+ years on, they’ve aged beautifully. After nostalgia-drenched conversations with friends and family, the Uglysuit decided to revisit the Corban Eldra era, especially “The Midwest.”

These eight songs find new life with a remaster from Kyle Mayfield. What does the future hold for The Uglysuit?

New songs…maybe? Shows…never say never.

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