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Beware Wolves Volume 2 is Beware Wolves’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
The endless journey of Beware Wolves continues. This anthology of songs is a wonderful gift.

Beware Wolves Volume 2 is Beware Wolves’ Album

The thing that fascinated me most about this artistic vision is that in a world that goes fast there is someone who has taken the time to do something meaningful.

These albums and songs are not hits on the charts that are forgotten after two weeks.  This musical project has a long-term vision.

It takes a long time to listen to all the immense work done by Beware Wolves. If you listen to all 9 albums in a row you need about 4.5 hours. But to understand and truly appreciate them it’s going to take you years.

This music is part of a larger vision. It is a tribute to music as an art. A step back to meaningful tunes that do not follow commercial rules. These songs are just the representation of the spiritual and artistic path of a great artist called Beware Wolves.

Beware Wolves Volume 2 is Beware Wolves’ Album Out Now!


Beware Wolves Volume 2 is Beware Wolves’ Album

The mysterious but uber-talented emerging singer/songwriter known as Beware Wolves must think very highly of his ability to engage the hearts and minds of listeners with his unique array of infectious narratives, dynamic acoustic guitarisma and soulful vocals. When we say “array,” we mean that he’s probably the first artist in history to use streaming as a realm to literally release his entire 81 songs (4.5 hours of listening) over nine volumes in a single month (August 2022).

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