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Beware Wolves Volume 3 is Beware Wolves’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Another brick in the wall of the Beware Wolves Anthology.

Beware Wolves Volume 3 is Beware Wolves’ Album

This artist takes you on an ancestral journey in search of something instinctive that manages to connect the African savannah with the American prairies.

This music travels without borders with the wind and brings with it infinite melodies that are lost in the universal energy that connects all human beings.

Beware Wolves does not compose, he lets himself be carried away by instinct, by the primordial voice that screams within his soul.

These songs are a pure expression of art, an artistic journey with a beginning but you don’t know where it will lead you in the end.

The best thing is to take Beware Wolves by the hand and follow him in his musical universe without asking too many questions.

He will guide you to discover yourself.

Beware Wolves Volume 3 is Beware Wolves’ Album Out Now!


Beware Wolves Volume 3 is Beware Wolves’ Album

The mysterious but uber-talented emerging singer/songwriter known as Beware Wolves must think very highly of his ability to engage the hearts and minds of listeners with his unique array of infectious narratives, dynamic acoustic guitarisma and soulful vocals. When we say “array,” we mean that he’s probably the first artist in history to use streaming as a realm to literally release his entire 81 songs (4.5 hours of listening) over nine volumes in a single month (August 2022).

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