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Beware Wolves Volume 4 is Beware Wolves’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
another one from Beware Wolves one of the most prolific artists I’ve met in my life is here with a new Album part of his Anthology.

Beware Wolves Volume 4 is Beware Wolves’ Album

This album is a transcendental journey that takes you back to the era of the pioneers.

These songs bring with them stories from the past that came to us carried by the wind … I don’t know why but Beware Wolves’ music has a particular charm that makes you think of the endless American plains.

His way of singing makes you feel free … makes you breathe the wind of freedom and I Imagined being there listening to him singing around a fire, that’s why the pioneers come to mind.

They too, many years ago, gathered around a fire to celebrate the end of a new day and the beginning of a new adventure tomorrow. This is real music, which brings strong emotions.

Beware Wolves with his Anotology wants to pay homage to traditional American music that has been reinterpreted in a modern way.

These songs exude culture, experiences, and real life. Fantastic!

Beware Wolves Volume 4 is Beware Wolves’ Album Out Now!

Real and Free!

Beware Wolves Volume 4 is Beware Wolves’ Album

Story goes that he delivered his unique archive as a “rogue” email to Safe Harbor Records at the end of 2021. It’s hard to estimate the commercial possibilities of the epic amount of tunes from this deeply prolific manic expressive, but Beware Wolves (and his label) make it easier for us to immerse by creating an introductory 11 track self-titled sampler (as opposed to titles like Beware Wolves, Vol. 5) that introduces us to his eclectic vibes, emotive vocals, crisp, rhythmic string playing with a sampling of some great representative songs.

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