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Beware Wolves Volume 8 is Beware Wolves’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Beware Wolves but the project of this artist is so ambitious that an article to describe this musical anthology that counts 9 albums (81 songs plus 4 hours of music) was not enough.

Beware Wolves Volume 8 is Beware Wolves’ Album

The variety of songs contained in these albums is intriguing.

Surely this artist had many musical influences and managed to insert them into his compositional style.

Beware Wolves has created a unique musical blend, even if his music is direct and instinctive, it is this creative freedom that has allowed him to make different harmonic nuances coexist with each other.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing is that all of these albums maintain a surprising coherence. It is not easy to compose so many tunes and give them a general meaning that unites them all.

This musical project made me think of collective intelligence as that of birds moving in the sky performing an ancestral dance.

It is as if all these songs are birds that fly by themselves but if you see them from a distance there is a bigger plan behind them that makes them part of a unique and higher project.

Beware Wolves Volume 8 is Beware Wolves’ Album Out Now!


Beware Wolves Volume 8 is Beware Wolves’ Album

The mysterious but uber-talented emerging singer/songwriter known as Beware Wolves must think very highly of his ability to engage the hearts and minds of listeners with his unique array of infectious narratives, dynamic acoustic guitarisma and soulful vocals. When we say “array,” we mean that he’s probably the first artist in history to use streaming as a realm to literally release his entire 81 songs (4.5 hours of listening) over nine volumes in a single month (August 2022).

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