Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Beyond The Realms Of Time is Sands Of Eternity's Debut Album | E.A.Poets
Beyond The Realms Of Time is Sands Of Eternity’s Debut Album | E.A.Poets

Good Day Noir Family,

our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Sands Of Eternity and their debut album Beyond The Realms Of Time. I found this Band on Bandcamp and I was fascinated by the quality of their music.

Beyond The Realms Of Time is Sands Of Eternity’s Debut Album | E.A.Poets

The sound proposed by this band is refined and powerful. As soon as I hit the play button, I immediately realized that I was in front of professionals.

The obsessive attention to every detail and the quality of the production are absolutely impeccable.

The performance and interpretation are masterful. The rhythm section ventures into intricate rhythmic designs and the bass and kick follow each other like a shadow.

The guitars support the epicity of these songs with powerful and solid riffs. The solos are melodic and technical, it’s hard to find fault with this musical project.

The singer’s voice is intense and reaches very high octaves, I am a lover of low and guttural voices but I must say that Michael “Dice” Papadakis’ vocal timbre is perfect for the genre proposed by this talented band.

A very well thought out power metal that has nothing to envy to more famous bands that dominate the charts around the world.

Sands Of Eternity are not here to play around, their debut album is a mature and solid statement that will stand out in the metal universe.

Absolutely confirmed.

Beyond The Realms Of Time is Sands Of Eternity’s Album Out Now!

Refined and Epic!

Beyond The Realms Of Time is Sands Of Eternity’s Debut Album | E.A.Poets

Sands Of Eternity are an evolution of Hourglass Sands Of Eternity, most commonly known as Hourglass SOE, that were originally formed in Athens – Greece back in 1996. Hourglass SOE after two demos released their first – and last – album (“Journey To Infinity” – 2002) and afterward broke apart. 

Nevertheless the guitarist and main composer Ioannis Ioakimides continued to write heavy / power songs in the following years until enough material was accumulated capable of covering the ground for a new album. 

Alongside, some seeking around of Hourglass SOE traces on the web that brought back memories and some impressive results in the likes of the album of the band being sold for more than 600$ online as well as a thread in a forum speaking for the band with warm words, led Ioannis Ioakimides to seek ways to record his new material. Thus Sands Of Eternity were born from the ashes of Hourglass SOE and along with singer Michael “Dice” Papadakis and producer Bob Katsionis, Ioannis Ioakimides set forth to record the new album consisting of 10 new songs, keeping the spirit of true heavy /power of the former band but also evolving in terms of sound, lyrics, musical compositions and aesthetics. 

The end result is the debut album of Sands Of Eternity, “Beyond The Realms Of Time” which is finally a finished work! 

The music is highly influenced by legendary heavy/power metal bands such as Warlord, Helloween, Hammerfall, Kamelot, Stratovarius, and Judas Priest. 

The artwork was done by the excellent artist Uwe Jarling ( www.jarling-arts.com ) depicting a passage through time, marking the transition of the band from the old to the new era.


Following the policy of other Symmetric Records releases, “Beyond The Realms Of Time” is not going to be fully available through any streaming service (like Spotify or iTunes, etc.) and can only be ordered directly from Symmetric Records’ Bandcamp website in digital or physical form on a Deluxe Digipak CD with an 8-page booklet here: https://sandsofeternity.bandcamp.com/


  • Ioannis Ioakimides: Guitars 
  • Michael “Dice” Papadakis: Vocals 
  • Thanassis Skoutelis: Bass 
  • Vangelis Kalentzis: Keyboards 
  • Michael Skoutelis: Drums 
  • Kostas Nanos: Guitars 


  • Produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis Recorded Feb-Nov 2021 at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, GR 
  • Keyboards by Bob Katsionis
  • Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, Piraeus, GR

Find Sands Of Eternity Here:


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