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Black Oak is Molosser’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
the unstoppable Molosser are back with a new song “Black Oak“…can these guys compose a bad song? The answer is no!

Their style is unmistakable and brings with it the spirits and traditions of their beautiful nation.

Black Oak takes you into the Swedish wilderness and makes you feel the cold and the north wind on your skin.

A song that makes you dream and that in some moments made me think of the compositional style of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon.

Molosser are free in their compositional style and their sincerity and honesty are contagious.

They never cease to amaze!

Black Oak is Molosser’s Single Out Now!



The third release in the Barebones Sessions series is another rearranged song from the duo’s debut album, Appear, called Black Oak (Barebones Sessions). If not yippy, it still represents a lighter shade of Molosser’s palette, and the new recording has gained a driving bassline and minimalist licks that enhance the grunge-y character of the song. And if a shade of melancholy remains, remember that, as the chorus states:

“It’s just … mindslapping memories.

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