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BlackStar is Matthew Cobis’ Album | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured artist is Matthew Cobis and his album BlackStar. The sound created by this artist is innovative and futuristic.

BlackStar is Matthew Cobis’ Album | Indie Music

The ability to mix traditional instruments with electronic grooves, sounds, and effects is very intriguing.

Matthew Cobis certainly likes to experiment and before reaching this sound blend I think he did a lot of testing until he found the perfect balance.

We are certainly dealing with an artist with a developed artistic taste that allows him to make the right compositional decisions.

BlackStar is a coherent and mature album and the title perfectly describes the music you are going to listen to.

These songs make you want to drive a spaceship and roam the universe to look for the BlackStar.

The influences are many and the eclecticism and creativity of this artist are truly remarkable.

BlackStar is Matthew Cobis’ Album Out Now!

Modern and Innovative!

BlackStar is Matthew Cobis’ Album | Indie Music

Born in Brockton Ma in March of 79. He grew up loving Cypress Hill and Wu-Tang as much as Metallica (Pre-Black album) and NoFX. Attended St.Casimir School for 9 years, K-8. Then Xaverian Brothers HS. He went to college in the Hampton Roads area and eventually moved to Florida after graduation where he currently resides.

On March 17th 2021 Matt decided to start making music. He had zero experience before that day. Couldn’t read music, play any instrument, and hadn’t sung since his days in the St. Casimir’s choir. Undeterred, he started by writing his first beat on a Chrome extension. It was awful. Yet there was a pleasure in the creation of it that sparked his interest. He continued on. Eventually creating and releasing a string of not great EP’s on the major streaming services. Bad as they were they were his. Then he began on albums of increasing quality, starting with ‘Something More’ than “Neoterics’ then ‘The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel’.

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