Blah! 100.000 views on Facebook

Good Day Noir Family,
our new single and video Blah! has reached 100.000 views on Facebook and 15.000 on Youtube.
People seem to like a lot the video and they are sharing our song around with their friends.
This is a big achievement for an indie band like E.A.Poets, these kinds of numbers are difficult to reach even for a medium music label.
If you have a friend talking too much you have to share with him this video.


Nowadays everybody can become a Guru. You just need to put your face in front of a camera, scream some nonsense and little by little you will start to create your audience.
Most of the time people are more interested in how to share their ideas instead of the concepts they try to spread.
We should maintain a more critical attitude so to understand who has the knowledge and who has not.

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