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Blunt Blade Self-Titled Album Is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Blunt Blade and his self-titled Album.

Blunt Blade Self-Titled Album Is Out Now

The compositional style of this artist is absolutely original and unique. Frankly, I’ve never heard anything like it.

An artist who is not afraid to experiment and to follow musical paths never walked before.

Blunt Blade with his album in some moments reminded me of Alphaville and in others, The Cure and Depeche Mode but his music cannot be labeled as it is the result of many influences wisely organized by this extraordinary artist.

This album is a real work of art and you feel that Blunt Blade has a great compositional experience behind him and above all, he has a developed artistic taste that allows him to always take the best artistic choices.

This album is a gift, all the songs are solid. You need to listen to it several times to understand all its nuances.

A beautiful discovery that I recommend to everyone.

Blunt Blade Self-Titled Album Is Out Now!


Blunt Blade Self-Titled Album Is Out Now

Blunt Blade is originally from southeast Minnesota. His musical influences range from Frank Zappa, to Radiohead, to Miles Davis, to Tame Impala, to Talking Heads, to Iron Maiden, to Metric, to Soundgarden, to Tool, to Phish, to Dream Theater, and on to far too many more to list.

Blunt Blade grew up listening to every style of music he could get into his sonically gluttonous ears. He began singing as far back as he can remember, playing piano by age 7, guitar by age 15, bass and drums by age 16. He founded the cover band Chainsaw Vendetta (originally named Chainsaw Vasectomy) as lead guitar player and lead singer at age 16. He went to college on vocal and guitar scholarships. Blunt Blade’s music is an amalgam of electronic, indie, hard rock, and classical, with a twist of dance and a sprinkle of disco. He couples these styles with his baritone vocals for a unique and original sound.

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