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Brandon Lee’s Final Scene | The Crow

It was March 31, 1993, when the scene that put an end to the actor’s life forever was shot. The crew, after two months of shooting, was recording the last takes in a studio in Wilmington (N.C). Among the missing scenes, there was one in which Eric Draven, the protagonist played by Brandon Lee, enters his house with the groceries and is killed by a gunshot from the criminal Funboy, interpreted by Michael Massee.

The shot was blank, but a fragment of a cartridge that had been fired earlier was still present in the barrel of the gun.

A detail that sealed the fate of Brandon Lee, who was hit in the stomach and died of a hemorrhage. “I saw him collapse to the ground, with a moan – said the director, remembering the end of Bruce Lee’s son -, the bullet hole seemed to me perfectly simulated and the blood was perhaps too abundant, but overall the scene had managed to be amazing and after shouting “CUT” I said that we would have shot another one for safety “.

Initially no one realized what had happened, only Eliza Hutton, Brandon Lee’s girlfriend understood the gravity of the situation. “Since she did not move, I approached him – explained the director – I noticed that the bloodstain continued to widen. I bent down, touched that liquid with my finger. It was warm and thick, like blood… real blood… a dead silence fell on the set. The first person to understand was Eliza Hutton, Brandon’s girlfriend, who was part of the cast as a production assistant. She screamed and rushed towards Brandon.

Brandon once said:

 If you’ve ever found yourself pushed to the limits of your tolerance… you find yourself doing some things that, from the outside, can be seen as quite insane….

 Was I destined to play this role? I don’t know if I was destined to play this role, but I feel very fortunate to be doing so.

The makeup Eric ends up putting on when he assumes this persona of the Crow is his reaction to being pushed to those limits. He cannot deal with what is going on, and by assuming this persona he creates someone who can.

You cannot command destiny… a great and legendary actor has left us forever due to a trivial mistake. We can only see a part of the truth but maybe the big picture is very different and even for this serious loss one day we will have an answer.

Rest in peace Brandon and thank you for thrilling us with this great movie.

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