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Break Free is Erik & The Worldly Savages’ Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured band is Erik & The Worldly Savages and their Ep Break Free.

Break Free is Erik & The Worldly Savages’ Ep

The compositional style of this band is free and wild. The creativity of Erik Mut, the major architect of this musical project, reminded me of a shaken Champagne bursting with millions of bubbles.

You can feel that Erik has made of traveling his life as his music encompasses many influences and cultures.

An ethnic rock that in some moments reminded me of Morricone and other odalisques dancing in an oasis in the middle of the Sahara. I heard Balkan accordions and violins and I saw renegades getting drunk in an unknown bar in Tirana.

The music of Erik & The Worldly Savages is fascinating as it does not follow commercial rules but only the vital instinct. Erik Mut managed to bring his travel experiences into music.

Break Free is an irreverent, theatrical Ep. The interpretation and performance are impeccable and the Ep follows a coherent and intriguing thread.

I suggest you jump on his caravan and follow the adventures of this gypsy and his band, you will be surprised by the quality of these songs.

A great discovery that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Break Free is Erik & The Worldly Savages’ Ep Out Now!

Unique and Free!

Break Free is Erik & The Worldly Savages’ Ep

Erik Mut is a man on a mission, having broken the shackles of Western society and trailblazed his own path of rebellion, adventure, leadership and musical passion. His powerful Folk Punk project Erik & the Worldly Savages musically and lyrically reflects his manifest philosophy of seeking personal freedom, cutting ties with the past, reprogramming your mind and embracing life wholeheartedly.

An expat since 2008, Erik left his home in Toronto, Canada at the age of 25 to let the cultures of the world wash over him, inspiring his life, work and music. Erik & the Worldly Savages formed in 2008 while Erik was in Belgrade, Serbia. While based in London and Belgrade, the band played over 250 shows across Europe with lineups of musicians from many countries. In 2016 he started Support Adventure, a company which gives remote jobs to expats and digital nomads, now with more than 160 staff members living in over 20 different countries, creating a business manifestation of the band’s message of trans culturalism.

Erik has worked on recordings with Dutch record producer Caspar Wijnberg since 2013 at his studio in Belgrade. His new EP release, appropriately titled “Break Free”, will be released November 23, 2022. “Break Free” tells the story of the overwhelming urge to liberate oneself from the monotony of life in the West, social conditioning, 9-5 jobs and mediocrity to discover the world. Just as Chris Cornell once famously sang “I’m going to break my rusty cage and run”, Erik has truly taken this message to heart.

Erik & the Worldly Savages raise a voice for all those who dream of permanently travelling the world. This is counterculture music at its finest, breaking cultural boundaries.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling trapped in normality and filled with an urge to get more out of your life, Erik’s music will seep into your very being.

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