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Break My Heart is TruckerBomb’s Single I Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
TruckerBomb is back with a new catchy single. The band led by Troy Richardson returns with the single Break My Heart.

Break My Heart is TruckerBomb’s Single I Indie Music

As soon as I hit the play button this song reminded me of U2.

Perhaps for the vocal interpretation that in some moments got me thinking about Bono. I also noticed influences from the Eagles, especially on a musical level.

A very melodic and catchy song. The chorus still resonates in my head.

Troy Richardson the major architect of this musical project is a great composer accompanied by a very talented band. All the musicians do their duty flawlessly. The musical arrangements are very professional and support the song very well.

Another beautiful tune from this band that day after day continues to raise the bar by offering us songs of absolute quality.

Break My Heart is TruckerBomb’s Single Out Now!

Nostalgic and Intense!

Break My Heart is TruckerBomb’s Single I Indie Music

The music of TruckerBomb takes a dash of dive-bar grunge and mixes it with the up-tempo swing of honky-tonk. Los Angeles isn’t known as a hotbed for Americana, but that doesn’t stop TruckerBomb from doing their thing. It’s just a matter of time before one of their songs gets dropped into a film soundtrack.

Growing up, singer-songwriter-bassist Troy Richardson spent many summers in South Dakota. Compared to his Minneapolis home, it felt like the wild west. Even though he’d go on to spend most of his time playing in rock bands, he never forgot the vibe of those truck stops and diners that cranked up classic ’70s country. Inspired by that experience, and the southern rock of the ’80s that threw a little bit of every style into the mix, he formed TruckerBomb to bridge alt- country and Americana with alternative and hard rock.

Six TruckerBomb singles have been released into the digital wild while the group works on their upcoming debut album. From the driving country-rock of “Irregardlessly” to a nice dose of melancholia on “Broken Like Me,” existential dread of “Mobridge, South Dakota” to guitar- forward alternative on “Cannibal” and others, the group keeps listeners guessing what may be next while maintaining their distinctive sound.

Existential dread and cannibalism aren’t common themes in country songs, but Troy Richardson isn’t an ordinary songwriter. He’s known for his ability to twist a phrase, infusing sarcasm and humor in equal doses to serious observations. The characters and observers in the narratives could be any of us anywhere, and that kind of universal sentiment makes the songs stand out.

The group’s final lineup was complete about a year ago. Drummer Dave Rodway is from New York, if he hasn’t told you yet, and brings so much personality to the group that it almost can’t be contained behind the kit. Native Californian Salty Rose has brought the rock, blues, and punk to many LA bands. His detailed lead guitar work transcends any single genre to expand the group’s sonic landscape well beyond what’s usually found in country-rock. Not-so-secret weapon Ursula Lari is originally from Peru. Her rhythm guitar and vocals that blend effortlessly within the group have been a striking focal point from the very first show.

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