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Brighter (feat. Nik Hughes) is Snakedoctors’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Snakedoctors continue in their musical journey with a creativity that seems to have no limits.

Brighter (feat. Nik Hughes) is Snakedoctors’ Single

This time Snakedoctors entertains us with a more introspective song.

The first guitar arpeggio literally took me to the Sahara desert. A song with obvious 90s inspiration, nostalgic and direct.

I also liked the video, simple and perfect for the genre. I enjoyed the usual cameo of a beautiful actress. Having sexy girls in their videos is the hallmark of this band.

The collaboration with Nik Hughes is successful in fact his past with Bush has allowed him to give that extra touch to this track.

The grunge sound convinced me a lot and the band’s performance is excellent as usual.

I have been following this band for a long time and I must say that they have never let me down. Maybe this is the song that I liked the most so far. They reminded me of bands like Staind…fantastic!

Brighter (feat. Nik Hughes) is Snakedoctors’ Single Out Now!

Direct and Nostalgic

Brighter (feat. Nik Hughes) is Snakedoctors’ Single

“Brighter” is another single promoting new upcoming Snakedoctors album “Waiting”. And again the single features Nik Hughes – a drummer of Bush. Mixing was done by Dawid Gorgolewski at Osso Studio and mastering by Stephen Marcussen – the legend who took part in most of greatest productions of many last years. He also mastered a definite most of songs on new Snakedoctors album. “Brighter” is a song about how brighter days are going to arrive finally after dark times. The single will be promoted by a video featuring the band and the guest lead actress. The new album will also feature a different unplugged version of the song with cello player from the US. A new album is coming out in the first half of 2023 with more guest artists, producers and good music. 

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