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Broken is Jesse Grossi’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Jesse Grossi is continuing his musical journey this time with the song Broken.

The creativity of this artist seems to have no end.

This time the new single Broken has some nostalgic vibes that moved me. For some reason, this song opened my soul and reached deep inside me.

I liked the basic but solid arrangements that made more room for the lyrics. The Vocal interpretation is exceptional. The vocal timbre is sharp and like the blade of a knife seems to reopen distant wounds.

I really appreciated when towards the end the female voice is left alone giving a note of magic to the whole piece.

A really good song that I recommend to everyone.

Broken is Jesse Grossi’s Single Out Now!

Pure Magic!


Quote: “Broken is an acoustic guitar song about my struggles with addiction. This heart felt, very personal song will hopefully connect with anyone who has struggled with similar battles and feelings. Broken is an acoustic Indie-Rock song with harmonious, heart felt vocals and melodies.”

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