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Brown Eyes is Tasha Blackmore’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,

our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Tasha Blackmore and her new single Brown Eyes. I found her music on Spotify and I liked her music a lot.

Brown Eyes is Tasha Blackmore’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The sound blend created by this artist is really fascinating. The Country vibes mixed with the modernity of the compositional approach and production make this sound unique.

An artist capable of following her instincts with courage. She was able to create a unique musical landscape.

The new single Brown Eyes is a beautiful Country/Rock ballad with nostalgic overtones that speak directly to the listener’s heart.

Tasha Blackmore’s vocal tone is intriguing, sexy, and deep. Her interpretation manages to make you believe the words of the lyrics.

This artist proves to have a great compositional experience behind her as the melodic structure of her songs is never predictable and banal.

An artist with a bright future ahead. Her talent and intuitions allow Tasha Blackmore to write beautiful songs.

Brown Eyes is Tasha Blackmore’s Single Out Now!


Brown Eyes is Tasha Blackmore’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Rarely does such an explosion of talent, personality, determination and charm come together in the beautiful package that is Tasha Blackmore. A Pop meets Country Singer/Songwriter hailing from Northumberland but with a heart full of Nashville and influences including Taylor Swift and Staind, Tasha unexpectedly loves house music and her personal playlists are full of dance tracks. This eclectic mix of sounds is clearly what gives Tasha her uniqueness along with an infectious humour, she is one to watch.

A self-confessed ‘emotional junkie’ Tasha draws from life experience to craft her own portfolio of tracks. “I write music that is inspired by personal experiences and feelings. I try to translate them into honest lyrics that resonate with listeners: songs that they can relate to and apply to their own lives.”

After a period of time out from her music due to studying at university, Tasha made a tremendous comeback in 2021, with the release of singles “High Time” and “Last Goodbye” both featuring on BBC Introducing in the North East in the first week of their release. Tasha is keen to keep the momentum going with new single “Brown Eyes” out now.

Meet the newly born, country rock inspired side to Tasha Blackmore. After her release of country song “High Time” and country inspired pop hit “Last Goodbye”, Tasha Blackmore is back with a brand new electric guitar-driven pop-rock sound, demonstrating her vocal and songwriting versatility. Brown Eyes is the first release of several upcoming singles, demonstrating Blackmore’s new sound.

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