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Bucket List Ideas The Esoteric Tour Of This City

Don’t miss out on this tour of Esoteric Turin! Throughout the tour, you’ll discover unique places in the city and learn about their curiosities and anecdotes.

Bucket List Ideas The Esoteric Tour Of This City

The tour lasts two hours and a half and takes place in the evening. “White Magic” and the “Black Magic” are waiting for you in Turin (Italy).

The “White Magic” part includes the “Mole Antonelliana”, the church of God’s Big Mother, Solferino square, the Egyptian Museum and Castello square.

The symbolic building of Turin (Italy), the “Mole Antonelliana”, is one of the most esoteric places in the city. It seems like a huge antenna. It tends to the sky and radiates positive energy. According to some experts, the Holy Grail is inside the “Mole”.

Esoteric Turin

Outside the church of God’s Big Mother, the two statues have a precise meaning. One represents Faith and the other Religion. The chalice held by the first statue could be the Holy Grail itself.

In Solferino square, there is a fountain with four statues. They have a precise meaning in the Masonic culture. The two female figures might represent the sacred and the profane of Love, but also of Knowledge. The two male figures, on the other hand, represent Jachin and Boaz, the giants guarding the Pillars of Hercules. They symbolize Strength and Stability for the Masonic lodges.

The Egyptian Museum is another important stopover. Turin has a strong connection with the Egyptians. The museum contains numerous objects with powerful positive and negative charges.

Castello square and Tritons’ fountain are considered the center of positive energy in Turin, the borderline between the “White Magic” and the “Black Magic” Turin.

Bucket List Ideas The Esoteric Tour Of Turin

The tour of “Black Magic” Turin includes Statuto square, the “Rondò Della Forca”, Devils’ Eyes, and Devil’s Big Gate.

Statuto square is considered the heart of the city’s negativity. This was the area where those sentenced to death were killed and the necropolis was located. The Winged Genius in the middle of the square is often interpreted as the personification of Lucifer.

Esoteric Turin

A few steps away there is the Geodetic obelisk. It indicates the passage of the 45th parallel. It is the focal point of Turin’s devil forces.

The “Rondò Della Forca” is the ancient site of the gallows. Here the condemned met death.

In Lascaris street, a corner of “San Francesco d’Assisi” street, you will easily notice some holes. Their strange shape reminds Devil’s Eyes.

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The tour ends at Devil’s Big Gate, located at number 40 on XX Settembre street. This is one of the most evocative points in Turin. Numerous disappearances, murders, and numerological coincidences took place here.

Bucket List Ideas The Esoteric Tour Of Turin

The hallmark of the gate is the knocker on the door which depicts the devil looking at the visitor.

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