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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Cave Suns

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Cave Suns, I discovered this Band on Spotify, and liked the psychedelic sound of their song.

The Cave Suns propose us a psychedelic rock of another time.

I saw myself sitting on the hill of Woodstock with the announcer screaming to the crowd…”and now it’s time for the Cave Suns”.

I saw myself there dancing with slow movements and open arms welcoming the sound of this band.

A trip in another era with repetitive and hypnotic melodies that leave no escape.

The interesting thing is that if you listen to them carefully you can also hear shades of Prodigy, this mix of industrial/dance/alt-rock is really original and catchy.

The sounds in general are beautiful in particular the sound of drums, simple and effective.

The guitars do their duty with magical arrangements.

I was literally hypnotized by this music like the cobra in front of its master.

The variations in rhythm keep you glued to the speakers from the first to the last second, truly a great discovery that I absolutely recommend.

Sloop John Deep is Cave Suns’ EP Out Now!

A music to travel and discover unexplored territories of your mind!


Cave Suns · Sloop John Dee

Newcastle, UK – Gig hardened psych rocker’s Cave Suns latest E.P. “SURT SKUM” is a thunder dance of psychedelic reverie.

The unashamedly lo-fi live sound of “SURT SKUM” is the first release since Newcastle four piece, Cave Suns, entered their lysergic bubble of a practice room, to escape the impending mask strewn, gig parched landscape of the North East. What has emerged from the haze are three psychedelic improvisations that wear their influences proudly on their paisley sleeve. With nods to the likes of The Grateful Dead, CAN, Miami Deutsch and Tuareg blues, this collection of improvised imaginings is a window into the mystic inner workings of a hive mind.

‘SURT SKUM’ is a sweet swedish treat and translates to SOUR FOAM

We’re a bunch of friends who enjoy fucking about and seeing what magic we can produce. Individually, we’ve experienced all sides of the records industry – as signees(to SONY), as roadies (to FUCKLOADS of live bands), and as friends and fans of music.

Cave Suns, formed in 2012 as a blues influenced, stoner rock three piece (Endean, Hill, McLaughlin) and have been a familiar name of the live circuit, playing with such psych heavy weights as Dead Meadow, Here Lies Man, White Hills and The Myrrors. With the addition of guitarist Dan Foggin in 2018, the band have evolved into a collective consciousness of motorik rhythms, hypnotic bass lines and soaring guitars. This latest release is the first of a series of improvised snapshots that capture the band in their rawest form

Find Cave Suns Here:


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