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Cellophane Radio is Murnau’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Murnau are back this time with a full album…I’m ready for the experience and you?

Cellophane Radio is Murnau’s Album

The style of this band is reconfirmed in these songs.

This music seems to come from another dimension. It is as if you hear Murnau playing at the end of a tunnel. The sound waves hit my ears and sound sharp and hypnotic.

While listening to Cellophane Radio I sang with conviction “this is where I want to be” because their music makes you live in the moment… here and now!

I listened to the entire album with great attention. I have been following this duo for some time and I since the beginning I appreciated their style. These songs are intense and epic.

A post-apocalyptic alternative rock that has the ability to stimulate oneiric vision.

All the songs are great, definitely, an album that I will listen to for a long time. I am sure that with each play I will discover new nuances and details.

Fantastic job!

Cellophane Radio is Murnau’s Album Out Now!


Cellophane Radio is Murnau’s Album

How do you keep a radio fresh? Wrap it in cellophane.

How do you make an album called Cellophane Radio? Take a two-piece band, have them write and record for nearly two years in the Midwest United States with guitars, drums, vocals and a bit of Mellotron.

With this third album, Murnau, continues to defy being easy to tie to a genre. Doom and grunge combine with pop moments to create something catchy, moody and heavy. Cellophane Radio continues to show how Murnau evolves with each release.

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