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Change Your Ways is Matt DeAngelis’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Matt DeAngelis is back with a new song, are you ready for this experience?

Change Your Ways is Matt DeAngelis’ Single

The piano’s into is truly fantastic, a ballad that immediately hooked me.

I have to say I really liked the lyrics. Like Matt DeAngelis, I too feel that the world seems to be split in two.

You either belong to one faction or another… but the reality is different because when we meet face to face with another person we become much more tolerant and open…this is the real human nature.

This song wants to leave a message of hope, as Bruce Lee said… “be like water“, take the shape of things, and don’t always fight to impose your opinion.

The vocal interpretation is fantastic with those high notes that fill your soul. The arrangements are beautiful especially the guitar solo after minute 3.10 that takes you to heaven.

Another beautiful song by an artist who always manages to amaze me with his compositional abilities.

Change Your Ways is Matt DeAngelis’ Single Out Now!


Change Your Ways is Matt DeAngelis’ Single

“This song was inspired by my observance of polarization that has inundated the attitudes many in the States, and in the world at large. I offer, as always, a positive statement giving hope to people that there is actually a time and place for everyone–so there really is no need to have the intense opposition I’ve been feeling for the past few years.”

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