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Chasing Birds is Imlac’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is Imlac and his Single Chasing Birds.

Chasing Birds is Imlac’s Single

The pure and sincere sound proposed by this artist spoke to my heart.

This music comes from the soul and is emphasized by the hoarse voice of a person who has a lot of life experience … a vocal timbre that hides many secrets and adventures.

This music has the ability to awaken your wildest spirit.

While listening to Chasing Birds I imagined flying with the herons into the sunset. The wind and the heat of the sun made me feel free.

The compositional style is inspired by the past but with modern intuitions that create a sound blend that must be sipped like a glass of aged whiskey.

Imlac’s music is direct, made up of real instruments and deep emotions, and not of plasticized computers and beats.

I recommend everyone to go and listen to his songs…finally music that has something to say.

Chasing Birds is Imlac’s Single Out Now!

Pure and Wild!

Chasing Birds is Imlac’s Single

Imlac is a Scottish singer-songwriter who’s travelled all over the streets of Europe playing shows. Always a troubadour, he has never released any music up until last year with his Black Fire EP. His sound echoes the Americana traditions of folk and blues, a hint of soul and gospel in there too, but also the celtic traditions of his roots. Influences include Van Morrison, Muddy Waters and The Band.

Imlac grew up around the country music his uncles and cousins used to play and the sound of the bagpipes, his father’s instruments. This birthed in him a love for both the music of the American south and the Celtic music of his home country. He started writing songs after he first listened to Bob Dyland at the age of twelve and has written ever since. He says he writes because he can’t not write, it is in his bones.

His first EP “Black Fire” hit the folk and blues scene hard and received a glowing review in R’n’R magazine – ‘superb’ – and the title track was played on BBC radio 6 with Tom Robinson. His second EP – “Sitting on the Moon” – promises a darker, rockier sound than the folky tones of the first EP. The opening track “Chasing Birds” is a blues rock belter and will be released 22nd October, 2022. The rest is set to release in December of this year on Bandcamp.

Imlac is quoted as saying he will ‘sweat blood’ to write good songs and wants them to reach the widest audience possible – a dream for him would be to play Glastonbury where many of his heroes have done so before!

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