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Cherry On Top is Ainsley Costello’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Ainsley Costello is back with a new single and here is what I think about it.

Cherry On Top is Ainsley Costello’s Single

It’s really nice to see the artistic evolution of this young artist.

Every time I hear her new songs it seems to me that she has made great strides and that her artistic vision is taking shape more and more.

Cherry On Top is a beautiful rock song, in the chorus I really liked the distorted guitars that are aggressive and powerful and go very well with Ainsley Costello‘s sweet voice. This combination is in my opinion the musical signature of this artist’s compositional style.

By now it is clear the artistic path that Ainsley Costello wants to follow. Paramore, and Avril Lavigne are certainly reference artists. I believe that her music lacks nothing to be noticed by lovers of the genre.

We are at the beginning of a fruitful musical career.

Keep rocking Ainsley you will do great things in your life \m/

Cherry On Top is Ainsley Costello’s Single Out Now!


Cherry On Top is Ainsley Costello’s Single

In the style of Hayley Williams or Pink, 18-year-old Ainsley Costello has just topped off another year, digging deep toward finding her own sound. With her 5th single of 2022 (and 24th release) Ainsley has stretched even further toward a pop, almost punk leaning sound. In her newest release, “Cherry on Top,” you’ll find a hard-hitting, “pretty punk” song that exudes Ainsley’s classic sass, reminiscent of early 2010’s Paramore, while at the same time sprinkling in a soft ukulele sweetness in between walls of heavy-hitting guitar and drums.

“Cherry on Top” has a distinctive modern production and a driving edge to it. Like all of Ainsley’s productions, you’ll find a strong presence of live instrumentation with modern doses of electronic elements, and a whole lot of attitude. Produced by Christian Harger and backed by some of Nashville’s most sought-after session/touring musicians (Jason Brooks on guitar, Peter Wilson on drums and Christian Harger on bass), “Cherry on Top” delivers another strong hint of what’s to come from Ainsley in the future.

A revenge song on the surface, “Cherry on Top” tells the classic story of a relationship gone wrong. But as always, Ainsley digs just a bit deeper to inspire young people with more subtle messages. In it she sings; “Honey, I hope you know, that I wish you well, or maybe I don’t, but you know, that I’d never tell, ’cause either way you can’t say I didn’t handle it with grace, ’cause at the end of the day, I’m not the one who put the cherry on top of the mess you made.”

Ainsley states, “It feels like there is so much negativity, especially online, for my generation. It’s super easy to get on a platform and blast someone over something you feel wronged about, but I also feel that not everything is meant for public consumption. Still, as a songwriter, it is important for me to share my deepest feelings and the truth is, sometimes those topics aren’t fun. I’m always searching for a way to do that without being overtly negative. I’m also a genuinely optimistic person and I really don’t dwell too much on the past, but I do know there’s nothing wrong with being angry, sad, and hurt about something, and wanting to express those feelings. I think we all have to lean into those feelings to get past them. That said, ‘Cherry on Top’ is truly the ‘Cherry on Top’ of a season in my life. It was time to move on from a hard situation so this song is all about how it’s possible to be the bigger person even when relationships and friendships turn sour.”

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