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Apricot, the Adorable and ‘Rare’ Chimera Kitten with a Two-Toned Fur Face

In around six weeks, Nashville Cat Rescue will begin accepting adoption requests for their unique kitten from foster parents. Currently residing in Tennessee, the Chimera kitten has an unusual two-toned fur on her tiny face.

Apricot is the name, and its distinguishing attribute (two-toned fur) ensures she would easily find a forever home and a loving owner.
Do you want to know more about Apricot? A family, who recently moved into a construction building, found the kittens. The family waited a long time for the mommy cat, but she never arrived. They assumed that the mother cat might be startled by the barking dogs next door.

Since the kittens were so young, they realized they needed to find a foster home fast, and luckily, the Nashville cat Rescue had a foster mother available. Apricot & Pretzel are now with their foster mothers, Olive & Pickle, who could not help liking them.

Chimera Kitten with a Two-Toned Fur Face

These in-house mama cats are surrogate mothers to all the rescued kittens. They not only take care of kittens but also feed them properly. The mam cats also welcomed the arrival of the baby kittens at Nashville Cat Rescue. Meanwhile, Apricot and Pretzel also adjusted well with them. Since they only wanted that soft touch and pleasing feel of the mom.

Kiki claims that Apricot is the result of amalgamated embryos. That is why she possesses two sets of DNA which makes her an adorable and outstanding kitten. The rescuer Kiki further said, “The chimera cat is just what it looks like-two cats blended into one.”

Kiki also Stated, “Chimera cats usually have eyes of two different colors, a condition known as heterochromia.” Apricot, on the other hand, is too young to know whether she will have these rare and unusual eyes or not.
It would take a good seven weeks for her eyes to settle into their adult color. Examining her DNA is the only way to prove if she is the genuine Chimera or not.

This distinct being has drawn admirers from around the globe, with her face perfectly split in half, half black and half orange. However, Apricot is not up for adoption till six or seven weeks. All the cat lovers have to wait till then.
The rescuer Kiki said, “We have to give them quite a lot of veterinary care before we could give them for adoption.” Soon, there will be an official adoption announcement within 5-6 weeks. Till then, the two foster mommies (Olive and Pickle) will be doing their job.

Nashville Cat Rescue searches for homes for cats throughout the year. Apricot is just one of the rescues. Still, many other sweet kitties are looking for a new home. Therefore, the Nashville Cat Rescue urges you to take the opportunity to look at some other adoptable options. Yes, you can meet your sweet feline friend now.
As far as Apricot is concerned, everyone is pretty sure that she will not have to wait long to get adopted due to her distinctive face.

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