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Cicadas is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
another psychedelic trip another unforgettable experience…this is Cicadas.

Cicadas is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Single Out Now

What can I say… The Cookie Jar Complot always give us beautiful music.

As soon as I started listening to the new single Cicadas, “Morriconian” atmospheres came to my mind.

The guitar solo at the beginning is slightly Western and then it transitions to a melody that reminded me of 80’s video game soundtracks.

This is the genius of this Duo. Being able to create a coherent melodic line by mixing such different moods together.

In this piece you hear Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Japan…different cultures and styles that coexist in the musical universe created for us by The Cookie Jar Complot.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to their music because it manages to stimulate new creative horizons.

Cicadas is The Cookie Jar Complot‘s Single Out Now!


Cicadas tries to encapsulate a whatever a post- and mathrock hymn would sound like. The larger than life sounding layered baritone guitars drift towards a more plucky danceable clave section that is echoed in the crushing downbeat of the end. The fundament of gritty classic rock sounding guitars is complimented with sophisticated reverbs and synthpads.

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