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“Cocaine Bear” The Real Story Behind The Movie

People went crazy for the trailer of “Cocaine Bear” movie. It went viral very quickly. We can already bet that the movie will become a hit!

“Cocaine Bear” The Real Story Behind The Movie

The reasons for this success lie in the title itself. It evokes something original, different from the business-as-usual of Hollywood. “Cocaine Bear” sounds almost profane, and this is its great power!

Even the producers, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, were totally lost when they received a script named “Cocaine Bear”. But they soon realized that these words could have broken normality and led the movie to success. After all, Miller and Lord are masters of originality. In recent years, they produced some of the most irreverent films such as “The Lego Movie”, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and “The Mitchells vs the Machines”.

A real story has inspired the movie “Cocaine Bear”. In September 1985 there was a plane crash in North Carolina. It was carrying around $15 million worth of cocaine! After about three months, near the place of the accident, the authorities discovered a black bear of about 80 kilos and some empty packages containing traces of cocaine. The poor animal had eaten cocaine and died of an overdose!

The film imagines what might have happened if the bear didn’t quickly die. The animal goes crazy because of cocaine and runs through a national forest. It terrorizes park wardens, campers, and drug dealers seeking the lost shipment for a new dose. After an initial taste, the bear likes cocaine and can’t live without it! It goes after more drugs, like Yogi pursuing a picnic basket!!!!

The producers hope that the movie will create new awareness within the film industry. Lord thinks that “Cocaine Bear” is the perfect candidate for Academy Awards! He and Miller are trying to show that also irreverent movies can be original and fun. They can beat the competition and become a hit.

“Cocaine Bear” The Real Story Behind The Movie

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