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Cold Together is Presley Duyck’s New Single

Good Day, Noir Family,
I already reviewed Presley Duyck in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

This young artist has already found her musical universe.

The maturity of her songs and the obsessive attention to every detail make this music very catchy and interesting.

The new single is a beautiful romantic ballad that hides nostalgic nuances that manage to speak directly to the soul and heart of the listener.

The lyrics deal with a very profound theme and try to give hope to people who have lost the will to move forward.

The vocal interpretation is moving and meaningful and Presley Duyck proves once again that she is an artist of pure and crystalline talent.

Go and listen it’s worth it.

Cold Together is Presley Duyck’s Single Out Now!



This release was written when a friend who was fighting a battle with addiction. It was meant to be an uplifting song to remind people that we don’t have to fight our battles alone. So many people are struggling right now and there is an epidemic of suicide which has also recently touched Presley’s life. She’s donating a portion of proceeds to an organization she has believed in for years.

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