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Colorful White Lies is Electric High’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Electric High continue to entertain us with their fantastic music and they make us every day more part of their sonic universe.

The new single Colorful White Lies is a modern, original and unique song.

In some moments the melodic line of the verse reminded me of Prince and in others, especially for the guitar riff, ZZ Top but also a touch of Alice In Chains for the melodic line of the chorus.

In short, you can compare this band to other artists but you can’t define their sound because these guys have their own style which is influenced by many artists but which at the same time is different from anything I’ve heard before.

Electric High know music, they know how to play and they are professionals. I’ve said it before but these guys are ready for the big stages. In my opinion, they are mature and ready!

All the songs are perfectly composed, the musical taste is evident and the desire to experiment even more.

Always a great experience.

Colorful White Lies is Electric High’s Single Out Now!

True Professionals!


People tell lies all the time. Either to hide something, to get away with something, or just a little white lie to cover up something totally innocent that nobody needs to know about. Something you possibly shouldn’t have done. But sometimes white lies stop being completely white, and start changing color…

The first seconds of Colorful White Lies could make you wonder if you’re supposed to dance, or if you’re supposed to rock. The answer could be both. But when the chorus kicks in, there shouldn’t be a doubt. That sleazy, heavy, Skynyrd meets Aerosmith-sounding riff should absolutely make you want to rock. Or dance. You choose. Either way, the vibe is high. It’s Electric High! And from the middle part out, it’s all hands clapping in the air, one bad-ass guitar solo, and another sing-along chorus, before the final verse wraps it all up. But you should probably hear it yourself, because this could all be colorful white lies.

Colorful White Lies was recorded in Solslottet Studio, Bergen, Norway, produced by Electric High & Iver Sandøy.

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