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Coronavirus Hits Mount Everest

Covid-19 is not afraid of heights and has also reached the highest peak on Earth: Everest.

Coronavirus Hits Mount Everest

Last week a climber tested positive to Coronavirus. The rest of the group of climbers who had had contact with the infected also had to stop. Now they will face the quarantine period at base camp.

Coronavirus Hits Mount Everest A Climber Found Positive

The man was transported by helicopter to the hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. Initially, it was thought that the health conditions in which he found himself were due to a high altitude pulmonary edema. Once in the hospital, however, the positivity to Covid-19 was confirmed.

The expeditions to Everest had recently restarted and this news prompted the authorities to establish new rules to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. Nepal has decided to require travelers from foreign countries to undergo a tampon upon arrival and to observe a period of quarantine.

Coronavirus Hits Mount Everest

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