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Cosmologic Adventuring is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Another song and experience gifted to us by the one and only I am the Unicorn Head.

Cosmologic Adventuring is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single

The beautiful words I spent in the past commenting on this band’s songs are reconfirmed today.

The thing I’ve always liked about I am the Unicorn Head is that they don’t give a damn what people think, they just go their own way and never look back.

As soon as I started listening to Cosmologic Adventuring, perhaps due to the vocal interpretation, Blind Melon came to my mind.

An alternative and psychedelic song with nostalgic nuances that once again demonstrates the great compositional skills of these guys.

In addition to that, their projects always have a greater meaning behind them. Every song is a brick used to build a beautiful temple. Only by listening to them all, you can truly see what the final vision of this amazing band is.

10 out of 10!

Cosmologic Adventuring is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now!


Cosmologic Adventuring is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single

The band are delighted to be announcing their exciting new project called ‘Unicorns in Space’. This will be a brand new concept album divided up into a series of episodes that will follow on from one another. Each episode will be released 4/5 weeks apart, and will build into a full narrative and complete concept album, There will be an accompanying video episode released on YouTube each time, so that it also builds into a full length musical film.

This ambitious project kicks off with a short ‘Prologue’ and the first proper track called ‘Cosmologic Adventuring’, which covers the ‘Lift Off’, and start of this Space Adventure. The ‘Unicorns in Space’ EP will grow to completion over the coming year.

This project is best appreciated by following the band on both Spotify and YouTube. That way listeners will be notified whenever the next episode is released, and they can follow the story to date.

The band has been attracting many positive reviews for their releases to date, culminating with the recent release of their debut album ‘Future Dinosaurs’, which is now available on Bandcamp. Their music conjures up psychedelic dreamscapes, from the weirdest part of your imagination!

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