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Cousin Itt a Small Big Man

One of the most beloved characters of the Tv Series Addams Family is definitely Cousin Itt.

This funny figure is the cousin of Gomez Addams. He is affected by Hirsutism, a particular disorder that causes hair to grow all over your body.

Cousin Itt a Small Big Man

The most famous woman affected by this anomaly was Barbara van Beck who was very popular in 1655. People intrigued by this strange phenomenon paid to go and see her.

The role of Cousin Itt was masterfully played by the actor Felix Silla, who sadly left us in 2021.

The actor was born in Italy and after training to become a circus performer in 1955 he decided to move to America. He was noticed in Hollywood because of his enormous skills and dexterity and he became a stuntman.

The fact that he was 1.19 m (3 ft 11 in) short was an important feature in his career. In fact, his agility and his small physique made him look like a cat. Perhaps this is why the producers of the Addams Family decided to cover him with fur.

Cousin Itt a Small Big Man

His first appearance on the show was in 1965 in the episode “Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family” and from there 17 episodes followed with him and 2 with another actor (Roger Arroyo).

The peculiar voice is not that of Felix Silla but of a technician, Anthony Magro, who added the voice in post-production.

The story behind the character of Cousing Itt makes us understand how with the right attitude you can achieve a lot in life.

Commitment and dedication led Felix Silla to find a fortune in Hollywood. Born as a dwarf in a village in Italy, this “big man” focused on his qualities and not on his flaws.

Inside each of us, there is the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) it’s up to us to make it come out.

Cousin Itt a Small Big Man

If you still have a minute, we recommend this empowering song that talks about that.

Song The G.O.A.T by Edgar Allan Poets


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