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Dance Cannot Be Killed is Viscula’s New Release

Good Day Noir Family,
Viscula are back with a new release Dance Cannot Be Killed and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Dance Cannot Be Killed is Viscula’s New Release

This band just follows its own instincts.

Their compositional style cannot be compared to any other band. They are so unique that they are almost futuristic. Although their music has obvious influences from the past these guys manage to be original by offering innovative music.

Dance Cannot Be Killed is an irreverent song that makes you feel free and wild.

This positive energy has the ability to stimulate every neuron that goes to stimulate the nervous system which begins to make you dance in a wild way.

I like the style of this band…  I find it sincere and real.

A band that continues to produce quality music and that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Dance Cannot Be Killed is Viscula’s Release Out Now!

Pure Energy!

Dance Cannot Be Killed is Viscula’s New Release

The band Visсula is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its cultural activities this fall. In 2002, a ship called Viscula sailed away from their native Ukrainian shores and since then they could be seen and heard on 3 continents, in Europe, Asia and America. The single ‘Dance Cannot Be Killed’ represents the American period in the band’s work and is taken from the EP ‘We Are One Body’.

The record has been created in 2017 and brought to sound ideal by producer Dan Konopka (OK Go). The artwork was drawn by New York musician and artist Natalie Kirch (Sharkmuffin). The song ‘Dance Cannot Be Killed’ contains elements of psychedelic and garage rock and also mentions other heroes of American show business such as Michael and Johnny Depp. ‘Dance Cannot Be Killed’ is sung by Viscula, and it’s obvious because rock n roll sounds equally cool at all points of our vast planet.

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