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Dancing In The Fire is Martin Smith’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Martin Smith in the past but he is out now with the full album and I want to share my opinion about it.

I have to say this album is fantastic.

A coherent and solid musical product where all the songs are masterfully produced and performed,
Frankly, I didn’t find any flaws or weak songs.

Martin Smith is not here to joke, he has a very clear artistic and musical vision and follows his musical path without fear.

An album that manages to create different atmospheres and emotions passing from very energetic tunes to moving ballads that speak directly to the heart and soul of the listener.

In some moments his music made me think of U2 in others of Cold Play.

Martin Smith is a great artist, no doubt about it. He has a lot of experience behind him and he has developed a refined and unique musical taste.

I recommend this magnificent album to everyone.

Dancing In The Fire is Martin Smith’s Album Out Now!

Mature and Unique!


Martin Smith is one of the UK’s most prolific songwriters. His 30-year career as a composer, musician and vocalist has taken him all over the world, both as the frontman of internationally acclaimed band Delirious? and more recently Army of Bones, as well as an acclaimed solo artist. His live shows are renowned for their power and energy, and he has played everywhere… from supporting Bon Jovi on his international tour, to playing in front of 400,000 people at a festival in Hyderabad, India.

Though Smith’s career has had many highlights, the father of 6 has always managed to stay grounded, not tempted by the lifestyle that often comes hand in hand with the recording industry. Recalling an early trip to LA when he visited a record executive’s house and there was cocaine laid out on the table he says “I’ve never been interested in that side of things really, I was concentrating on writing good songs and getting home to see my wife and kids. You could say it was a boring existence…”. He credits the close relationship he had with his band for staying focused during these early days, and of course his Christian faith which is the rock of his foundation.

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