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David Bowie is I am the Unicorn Head’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Wait What? David Bowie by I am the Unicorn Head… I need to dive into this right away!

The sound of the new single ‘David Bowie’ from this fantastic band, of which I am already a huge fan, has mesmerized me.

The guitar riff that repeats itself in the verse looks like a psychedelic music box that takes you to another dimension.

The sinuous melodic line rich in nuances and variations managed to entertain me from the first to the last second.
A tribute to the legendary David Bowie, it takes courage to name a song after such a great artist, but I am the Unicorn Head certainly does not lack courage.

I and these guys speak the same language and I think I understand their musical universe.

This band has managed to create something different starting from the past and adapting it to the future.
It is as if their music were a wormhole, an open portal capable of instantly transporting you to another dimension.

You have to decide if you are ready for the big step!

David Bowie is I am the Unicorn Head’s Single Out Now!



Quote: “Our new single ‘David Bowie’ is an unapologetic, and heartfelt tribute to one of our favourite artists. The song also serves as it’s own Bowie trivia quiz, as it name checks so many Bowie songs. How many can you identify? The lyrical content, and the earworm nature of the music, make us feel that the song has a huge viral potential.”.

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