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DCxPC Live Presents TV Prophets (Live) by Grave Return

Good Day Noir Family,
DCxPC Live is back with a new cool release, TV Prophets (Live) by Grave Return. This music will shake your soul.

DCxPC Live Presents TV Prophets (Live) by Grave Return

A wild and instinctive violence that brings with it the irreverent soul of these guys who do not look anyone in the face and who go straight on their way without looking back.

TV Prophets (Live) is a powerful, intense song. I really liked the vulgar sound of the bass and the rhythmic alchemy between the drums and the bass.

Also excellent is the interpretation of the singer who keeps the tonsils and vocal cords in tension for the entire duration of the song.

The guitars are big and the distortion creates the power needed to make the audience go wild.

The fast pace leaves you no way out. When you hit the play button it’s like taking a high-speed train to hell.

If you are brave enough let yourself be carried away by this sound … it’s worth it.

DCxPC Live Presents Grave Return TV Prophets (Live)

Wild Ride!

DCxPC Live Presents TV Prophets (Live) by Grave Return

This is the second single by Grave Return off their 7″ split with The Hamiltons. Released in May of 2022, the album has sold really well, and will no doubt be sold out by the end of the year. Grave Return are a cornerstone of the Orlando punk scene and are frequently seen sharing the stage with large touring bands such as Agent Orange, The Damned, and The Radolescents.

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