Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | DCxPC Presents 2AMature & Call In Dead Live At Danger Room
DCxPC Presents 2AMature & Call In Dead Live At Danger Room

Good Day Noir Family,
DCxPC Live is back with a new Ep musical product dedicated to 2AMature & Call In Dead Live At Danger Room. I’m ready for this new experience \m/

I was fascinated by the sound of this band as in my opinion they have grunge influences.

These guys are the missing link between punk and grunge, they managed to find the subtle difference between these two musical genres … they live on the edge and they fit perfectly in this dimension.

The 2AMature have managed to transform their musical vision into reality and have followed their instincts with confidence.

The sound is wild, powerful and you feel the grit and determination of these guys who put their heart and soul into their performances.

Another great find from DCxPC that never stops supporting good music.

DCxPC Presents 2AMature & Call In Dead Live At Danger Room!

Unique and Powerful!


2AMature released this split 7″ with Call in Dead in April of 2021. The 7″ is nearly sold out which is a remarkable thing to manage during a pandemic when shows are limited and mail order costs extra due to shipping. On 2/11, they will be releasing their full digital album on Spotify and other streaming services. So for the first time fans will be able to listen to the entire album from start to finish. 2AM has been compared to PUP, Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du while sounding like neither

Find 2AMature Here:


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