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Deadended is Ross Curry’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Ross Curry and his new single Deadended. I found this Artist on Spotify and I was fascinated by his music.

Deadended is Ross Curry’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

As soon as I pressed the play button, I immediately realized that I was in front of a great artist.

Ross Curry’s sound reminded me of, Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp. A songwriter who produces quality music indeed.

The vocal timbre intrigued me as it manages to make you believe in the words of the lyrics. A sincere and direct compositional style without strings attached.

The production is flawless and the thing that I liked the most is that it is all played for real. There are no beats or computers… this is the real music. The one made of sweat and training on musical instruments. The one made up of days spent in the rehearsal room searching for the right sound chemistry.

I am happy to have found this artist. His music made my day.

Deadended is Ross Curry’s Single Out Now!

Real and Sincere!

Deadended is Ross Curry’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Ross Curry came to the attention of Dutch music fans in the early 1990s when he formed the band Spo Dee O Dee. Based in Amsterdam, lead guitarist Curry was the undisputed leader of the trio which was inspired by the great figures of the ’60s and ’70s guitar rock.

Growing up in Liverpool, Ross Curry drank from the water of many of his powerful influences and his guitar style today carries on that country’s tradition for loose and fluid play. Spo Dee O Dee went to the forefront of the Dutch rock scene with several years of successful touring and two popular albums – “Going Walkabout” (1991) and “Second Coming”(1993).

The closest Spo Dee O Dee came to radio success was the single ‘Lady Sleep’. For better or worse, it was just peaking when Curry turned his attention to his new solo project Shamus. The new catchy pop songs made up the album ‘Doolally’.After an extensive six month tour, another (self-titled) album followed in the late 1990s.
Taking a breather from the rock ‘n’roll scene for a few years, Ross Curry was enticed by the famous Dutch duo Acda and de Munnik to play (and act) in their popular rock opera “Ren, Lenny, Ren.

Curry continued his comeback with a series of tribute sessions and live projects which earned him legendary status at the large and prestigious annual Zwarte Cross Festival in the Netherlands. In 2019, Ross Curry was inspired to begin a new recording and created demos which were immediately determined by Zip Records (Amsterdam) as worthy for a commercial rebirth and promotion. Self recorded by Curry, the tracks were mixed by JB Meijers (The Common Linnets) and the album title was chosen was ‘Blind Samson Eye’.
Curry’s new album was scheduled for launch in the Spring of 2020. Along came COVID-19 to throw a wrench in the works. The decision to sporadically release 2-3 singles from the album was the obvious solution to the delay.

The second single (released on 5 June 2020), entitled ‘Wake Up Dead’ attracted a large audience and has steadily climbed the Dutch Indie XL charts. On 3 July, “Wake Up Dead” finally reached #1. The video for ‘Wake Up Dead’ was released on 3 July as well and audiences are once again becoming acquainted with the melodic guitar rock of Curry that went into hibernation for over a decade. ‘Most Beautiful’ (August 2020) became the third and most popular single from the album. It outlasted ‘Wake Up Dead’ in terms of length of time on the Indie XL charts.

Finally, ‘Blind Samson Eye’ was released in February 2021, both on vinyl and digitally worldwide. Curry was scheduled to tour the Benelux to support the album but most of the concerts got canceled. During the series of lockdowns that followed serious Covis outbreaks in Holland, he wrote enough songs to release the EP ‘Tune On’ in ’22. ‘The Suffering’ the first song taken from Tune On reached nr 1 status in the Dutch Indie Chart on April 29 this year. On May 20, Zip Records will release the 2nd single ‘Deadended’. Plans for yet another EP, to be released in early 2023 are already in motion.
Looks like Ross Curry has only just begun sharing his legacy with a new audience!

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