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Death Trap is Joshua Ketchmark’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Joshua Ketchmark in the past but he is now back with a new single Death Trap that is part of his album Blood.

Death Trap is Joshua Ketchmark’s Single

The interpretative intensity of this artist is truly fascinating.

His voice and the great passion with which he sings his songs manage to hypnotize the listener who is instantly kidnapped and brought into his musical world.

When you listen to Joshua Ketchmark’s music you have a double effect…you listen to great tunes but at the same time you listen to an audiobook of poems.

This artist is a poet who has the ability to put his deepest emotions into music.

His songs are without filters, a squeeze of the heart where the blood drops are the notes that fall on you.

Death Trap is a deep and intense piece and acquires even more meaning when listened to together with all the songs of the BLOOD album.

Take the time to immerse yourself in the sound universe created by this artist … you will be amazed by the number of emotions that he manages to give.

Death Trap is Joshua Ketchmark’s Single Out Now!


Death Trap is Joshua Ketchmark’s Single

‘Death Trap’ is the 3rd single from Joshua Ketchmark’s 10th studio album titled ‘BLOOD”

It is a song to be listened too and felt. “Give it all you’ve got, try and take me apart” the chorus exclaims. Death trap is a song about overcoming obstacles, following your dreams, and never giving up no matter the odds.

This song was written by Ketchmark like all of the other songs on ‘BLOOD’ and is closely based on his own experiences growing up in the mid-west, Two and half hours south of Chicago, IL. All of the music and lyrics composed, produced, engineered and mixed by Ketchmark, with C.C. Wyle adding soulful vocal pads and Zak. St. John (Black Star Riders/Stevie Wonder) adding percussion.

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